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Pre-launch, low-to-no fee sessions
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I'm developing my coaching focus, retreats, workshops, and telecourses, and will be sharing personal stories
of transformation over the next few months as I work toward an official launch. Check back often!


For example:


In General

You've done a lot of smart things, and no matter how smartly you're handling things right now, you're at a loss or you're straight miserable

You know how to work hard and push through, but that tactic no longer delivers

Things are a little too chaotic, and you want some order

Big change is knocking at your door, and you need to answer but you're afraid

In Relationships

You're loving, but somehow your relationship is stagnant or breaking down

You're persistently angry or resentful towards someone, and then persistently angry or resentful at the persistent anger and resentment

You want to get off the fence

Having children is a looming consideration and you find yourself avoiding it

You want a healthier relationship with your parent or child, but they're impossible

In Creating

You know what a creatively brilliant moment feels like and want more of that, but you're running into blocks

People's opinions are wreaking havoc in your mind and stopping you cold

Your self-doubt is crushing, or just enough to make you move slower than you want


Coaching sessions with me are guided self-inquiry, a bit of stillness, and a bit of work. 

But also my nifty ideas about what could be going on. Your job is to bring all of yourself, your worries, wants, frustrations, love, and goals. My job is to listen deeply, notice what you're saying in the spaces between your words, and draw all that out for consideration and compassion. That's my gift, my talent.

The coaching methodology I'm trained in assumes that we all know what we want, what we need, and how to do a brilliant life-dance; but traumas and hidden, potentially false, beliefs about ourselves and the nature of things keep us from consciously knowing how to thrive. The tools I use uncover/remind/encourage the antidote to these ailments: your unique ability to be in perpetual creative response to life. This, I believe is our magic, our god-given blessing, almost the only response that makes sense. I got you.

In short:

We're talking about getting you to that place where you feel clear, courageous, and dignified. Getting good or better with yourself --- as a unique personality AND as an intergalactic space being. 

Things we'll do:

Recognize and break through vampiric thought patterns FOR RELIEF.

We'll investigate the myelin and neural pathways that may be sucking your life force. Create more space, gain helpful perspective, and get unstuck. 

Make sense of your wild subconscious FOR INSPIRATION.

Get insight into your visions and dreams. Put them to use in real life. Have some intense and lasting psychedelic impressions? Bring 'em!

Uncover and be in touch with your blessed instincts FOR GUIDANCE.

Our "freedom" in options can get overwhelming. Make the right decisions guided by true intentions and the instincts within you. Shape a fuller, more honest life.

Set and take the right practical steps FOR PEACE OF BODY AND MIND.

Once we establish you're moving with the right intentions, we can make a forgiving, reasonable, and inspired action plan. Real and practical direction.

Release emotional and psychological pain FOR SELF LOVE.

No other work is worth doing without this step. We're all dealing with socialization and trauma that makes it difficult to recognize when we're being tyrants to ourselves and others---demanding we feel or act one way or another. This part of coaching is to hold life, your emotions, your thoughts as they are and allow them to move as they do. Sounds simple, but it can be tricky, really tricky. Sometimes a great friend's ear is enough. But coaching is here when it's not. (Don't worry, since we love working, we'll do all the stuff above too.)


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Stuff I want to talk about, coming soon...

Trauma: meeting my maker

Trauma: meeting my maker

Celebration: forgiving the dream

Celebration: forgiving the dream

Truth: my story wasn't cooler than a white picket fence?!

Truth: my story wasn't cooler than a white picket fence?!

Paragini has helped guide me through so many pivotal and transformative moments in my life. Her listening skills are unmatched, as is her uncanny ability to see beneath the surface and pinpoint the real substance. She is one of the most sensitive and intelligent people I’ve been blessed to know.
— WALEED ZAITER - Animator, Small Business Owner
Paragini’s motherly and caring WHOLE being makes it easy to confide in her. Her guidance is not only backed by life experience but also a clear and focused intuitive understanding. Her graceful and gentle approach offer comfort and room for self discovery. It’s reassuring to have someone on your side who helps you make sense of an already confusing journey.
— DANIELA RIFFO - Doula, Vintage Curator
Paragini has a no-bullshit approach that is very refreshing. I’ve felt free to say what’s really on my mind because I know she will respond in kind. There is a strength to her kindness and I’ve grown to lean on that.
— DILSHAD METHA - Intuitive reader