These packages outline what can be accomplished over a number of sessions. We can also work session-by-session.



Noble Life Coaching (basic coaching package) 

Sometimes us well-meaning, good people allow ourselves to put up with less-than-ideal circumstances. When that tendency takes over, we end up missing opportunities, hurting deeply, and potentially spinning our wheels to the detriment of our personal, spiritual, or practical goals. 

And with good values in a tricky world, it can be difficult to figure out which foot to put forward. It can be especially hard when normal life problems interfere with your grand plans, and exasperating when you can’t envision the plan to begin with.

Noble Life Coaching helps you clarify and pursue a value-driven life that you feel full and good about. Your ideals can be reflected more thoroughly and sustainably in your life and in your career goals. The way forward involves methodically stepping in your right direction; operating with your unique balance, your joy; and taking inspired and integrated action.. 

Over the course of six one-hour sessions, you will: 

— Identify the deep values and desires that help make your life satisfying
— Bring awareness to undercover elements that may be sabotaging straightforward progress
— Use powerful tools to face personal, social and political realities without trashing your peace of mind
— Honor yourself
— Test if you’re on the right track, and learn better ways to work with uncertainty
— Understand the cycle of change and where different aspects of your life fit in it
— Create or hone a vision for your life that you can get behind
— Start an honest and practical plan toward that vision

This is individualized, one-on-one coaching. It requires self-inquiry, a bit of stillness, and a bit of work. We’ll have some fun too, maybe a lot of fun!

If you know that a thriving life for you and a better world go hand-in-hand, Noble Life Coaching provides the space, focus, and tools to help make it happen.

6 one-hour sessions: $480

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Held and Handled

Problems come and go, but if one is sticking around a little too long, or you want to quickly handle something that's popped up, Held and Handled allows direct insight, honesty and compassion to see you through. 

Maybe a relationship took a turn, or you’re having difficulty in a new job, or you’re on the fence with an important decision. Maybe that tiny thing you thought you were okay with is actually irritating you every day and turning into a monster. Maybe you thought something or someONE was going to change, but now you have to figure out how to work with the situation.

Over the course of three one-hour sessions, you will:

— Recognize insidious thought patterns that may be contributing to the distress
— Clarify your honest truth in the situation in a compassionate space
— Take sincere, courageous action (I can't make you, but you will inspire yourself)
— Pick up tools to apply to future problems 

This is individualized, one-on-one coaching.

If you want to look into the heart of it, this is your chance. Held and Handled provides the safe space and the right questions to help you move and keep it moving. 

3 one-hour sessions: $255

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