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I help you open up and be brave.


I help beautiful people build lives they feel full and good about.

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I help you gain crucial insight into sticky issues so that you can move on.  

I help you deal with new issues more quickly so that you can keep it moving.


I work with people on issues like:


In General

You do good things in the world, and you want your life to feel good too.

You know how to work hard and push through, but that tactic no longer delivers.

Things are a little too chaotic, and you're struggling to find the right direction.

Your life is too structured, and you're struggling to find play and levity.

In Relationships

You want to get off the fence.

Tension with a colleague is ruining every single day.

You're persistently angry or resentful toward someone.

There's a potentially unhealthy pattern in your relationships.

You want a more honest relationship with your parent or child.

In Creating

You know what a creatively brilliant moment feels like and want more of that, but you're running into blocks.

You're snowballing into all the avoidance tactics you can think of.

Your doubt is finally too confining, seriously interfering with your progress, and you want out.


These packages outline what can be accomplished over a number of sessions. We can also work session-by-session.



Noble Life Coaching (basic coaching package) 

Sometimes us well-meaning, good people allow ourselves to put up with less-than-ideal circumstances. When that tendency takes over, we end up missing opportunities, hurting deeply, and potentially spinning our wheels to the detriment of our personal, spiritual, or practical goals. 

And with good values in a tricky world, it can be difficult to figure out which foot to put forward. It can be especially hard when normal life problems interfere with your grand plans, and exasperating when you can’t envision the plan to begin with.

Noble Life Coaching helps you clarify and pursue a value-driven life that you feel full and good about. Your ideals can be reflected more thoroughly and sustainably in your life and in your career goals. The way forward involves methodically stepping in your right direction; operating with your unique balance, your joy; and taking inspired and integrated action.. 

Over the course of six one-hour sessions, you will: 

— Identify the deep values and desires that help make your life satisfying
— Bring awareness to undercover elements that may be sabotaging straightforward progress
— Use powerful tools to face personal, social and political realities without trashing your peace of mind
— Honor yourself
— Test if you’re on the right track, and learn better ways to work with uncertainty
— Understand the cycle of change and where different aspects of your life fit in it
— Create or hone a vision for your life that you can get behind
— Start an honest and practical plan toward that vision

This is individualized, one-on-one coaching. It requires self-inquiry, a bit of stillness, and a bit of work. We’ll have some fun too, maybe a lot of fun!

If you know that a thriving life for you and a better world go hand-in-hand, Noble Life Coaching provides the space, focus, and tools to help make it happen.

6 one-hour sessions: $480

If you're interested, start with a consultation

If we've talked, and you're ready, grab this 6-session discount.



Held and Handled

Problems come and go, but if one is sticking around a little too long, or you want to quickly handle something that's popped up, Held and Handled allows direct insight, honesty and compassion to see you through. 

Maybe a relationship took a turn, or you’re having difficulty in a new job, or you’re on the fence with an important decision. Maybe that tiny thing you thought you were okay with is actually irritating you every day and turning into a monster. Maybe you thought something or someONE was going to change, but now you have to figure out how to work with the situation.

Over the course of three one-hour sessions, you will:

— Recognize insidious thought patterns that may be contributing to the distress
— Clarify your honest truth in the situation in a compassionate space
— Take sincere, courageous action (I can't make you, but you will inspire yourself)
— Pick up tools to apply to future problems 

This is individualized, one-on-one coaching.

If you want to look into the heart of it, this is your chance. Held and Handled provides the safe space and the right questions to help you move and keep it moving. 

3 one-hour sessions: $255

If you're interested, start with a consultation

If we've talked, and you're ready, grab this 3-session discount.


Coaching sessions with me are guided self-inquiry, a bit of stillness, and a bit of work. 

And, of course, my ideas about what could be going on. Your job is to bring all of yourself, your worries, wants, frustrations, and goals. My job is to listen deeply, notice what you're saying in the spaces between your words, and draw all that out for consideration and compassion. That's my gift, my talent. 


The coaching methodology I'm trained in assumes that we all know what we want, what we need, and how to live well; but traumas and hidden, potentially false, beliefs about ourselves and the nature of things keep us from consciously knowing how to thrive. The tools I use uncover/remind/encourage the antidote to these ailments: your unique ability to be in perpetual creative response to life, which conveniently includes understanding and honoring what makes you joyful. 

It takes awareness, learning and practice, essentially, coaching. First, coaching by me, and then by yourself (and possibly back to me if you get stuck again). Through this process, you'll gain insight and better tools with which to continue charting and walking your path to a highly functional, satisfying, and rising life.

Things we'll do:

Recognize and break through vampiric thought patterns FOR GREAT RELIEF.

We'll investigate the myelin and neural pathways that may be sucking your life force. Create more space, gain helpful perspective, and get unstuck. 

Make sense of your wild subconscious FOR DEEPER UNDERSTANDING.

Get tangible insight into your visions and dreams. They can help clarify aspects of your real life self. Have some lasting psychedelic impressions? Bring 'em!

Uncover and be in touch with your blessed instincts FOR GUIDANCE.

Our "freedom" in options can get overwhelming. Make the right decisions guided by true intentions and the instincts within you. Shape a fuller, more honest life.

Set and take the right practical steps FOR PEACE OF BODY AND MIND.

Once we establish you're moving with the right intentions, we can make a forgiving, reasonable, and inspired action plan. Real and practical direction.



Coming soon...

Trauma: meeting my maker

Trauma: meeting my maker

Celebration: forgiving the dream

Celebration: forgiving the dream

Truth: my story wasn't cooler than a white picket fence?!

Truth: my story wasn't cooler than a white picket fence?!


About Me

For most of my adult life (I’m 36), I have done all the things I thought were necessary for good living, including extraordinary things to chart my own course, live happily, and avoid mundane traps. I even changed into a creative career. Honestly, I did self-coach pretty well, and I naturally coached others well too. People knew me for it. I engaged in deep consciousness exploration, brave relationships, consistent self-inquiry and was dedicated to equanimity of mind in my approach to life. I walked my talk (as people say in the industry...over and over), and then some, before I even knew what coaching was. 


While we know us smart, hard-working, conscious people are great, what’s up when our lives don’t thoroughly reflect all of our innate greatness? For years I was unknowingly hedging my bets in ways that were hurting me deeply, allowing my problems to roll on by pretending everything was okay or I’d figure it out eventually, or telling myself I shouldn’t need help because the problems were normal. 

That’s exactly when brilliant people need a hand with awareness and to grab better tools. I sought professional help, a therapist, yogis, even psychics, and, finally, coaches. While each pro was crucially helpful, life coaches leveled me up in a straightforward, tangible way. Coaches helped me get divinely honest, put nonsense to bed, and learn how to deal with obstacles better and faster. In tandem, I upgraded my lifelong natural coaching abilities to professional ones and have been working strategic magic with brilliant people and their normal problems ever since. 

Real satisfaction arises in all aspects of my life. You want some too? 

I’m trained as a Martha Beck life coach. Martha Beck is an author, coach, monthly columnist for O: The Oprah Magazine, Harvard PhD and ex-academic, and much more. The method we use is firmly based in psychological and neurological research and incorporates Buddhist thought and decades of application. 

I’m occasionally a print and web designer, and I previously worked in criminal justice public policy reform. I’m recently married and plan to have children soon. 

Paragini has helped guide me through so many pivotal and transformative moments in my life. Her listening skills are unmatched, as is her uncanny ability to see beneath the surface and pinpoint the real substance. She is one of the most sensitive and intelligent people I’ve been blessed to know.
— WALEED ZAITER - Animator, Small Business Owner
Paragini’s motherly and caring WHOLE being makes it easy to confide in her. Her guidance is not only backed by life experience but also a clear and focused intuitive understanding. Her graceful and gentle approach offer comfort and room for self discovery. It’s reassuring to have someone on your side who helps you make sense of a confusing journey.
— DANIELA RIFFO - Doula, Vintage Curator
Paragini has a no-bullshit approach that is very refreshing. I’ve felt free to say what’s really on my mind because I know she will respond in kind. There is a strength to her kindness and I’ve grown to lean on that.
— DILSHAD METHA - Intuitive reader